Learn the Different Popular Poker Chip Tricks

So you have seen the poker masters dazzling the viewers with their finest chip tricks. You tried a thousand times at home to do the tricks, but it seemed unmanageable. Don’t lose your heart. The poker chip tricks are not as difficult as they appear. You just need to understand the basics of the chip tricks and then, slowly, by practicing, you will yourself one day marvel at doing the tricks. So get, set and go. Here we will be learning some simple or beginners tricks which are easy to learn and showcase. Once you know that you’ve got a good grip on the subject, try it out at parties and leave the viewers baffled.


Poker Chip Tricks: What They Are


The first thing you need to realize that chip tricks are not ‘magic’; they are just a way of manipulating casino chips. Just like bartenders do fire breathing, the casino dealers play tricks with the chips. It is nothing but a pure form of recreation. While the players are getting started for a new session or a session-break is on, chip tricks are being played out.


The most popular chip tricks


Butterfly: It’s a way of dividing 4 chips between five fingers, in even way i.e. there has to be one chip between every two fingers. The person playing this trick first holds a stack of 4 chips between fingers and then smoothly spreads them out between the five fingers.


Flip: This is another interesting chip trick where a stack of chips are flipped in a way that the front chip goes to the back. The biggest challenge of this trick is to maintain the balance for other chips when you are bringing the front chip to the back as this is an one hand trick. Often the other chips fall from hand messing up the order. But again, remember the saying “practice makes a man perfect.”


Twirl: In this trick, the player holds a stack of three chips in one hand. The trick lies in pushing the middle chip out from the stack, twirling it and then putting it back between the two chips.


Knuckle Roll: Considered to be one of the toughest tricks, Knuckle Roll is about dealing with a single chip. At first, the chip is hold between the index and thumb then it covers the hand and goes to the other side passing between fingers. The chip is flipped every time to cross a finger.


Riffle or Shuffling Chips: This is one of the most common and easy chip tricks where two stacks of chips (5 to 10 chips) are mixed in a way that the combined stack looks like a zipper. Normally, the two stacks in Riffle or Shuffling are formed with two different colored chips.


Around the Clock: Another touch trick, Around the Clock bears similarities with twirl. A chip is flipped through fingers until it is back to its initial position. This trick includes a lot of twirling, rolling and spinning of the chip.

Online Slots Bonus Rounds – The Magic Wand

The popularity of the free slots no deposit games is always high among the casino goers because it gives the chance to bid anything and win a big money. A single machine, a solo player and a wheel of fortune! You enter a bill and the incorporated currency acceptor will automatically show you the credit score on the screen. You hit the wheel and your fortune is judged within seconds. Now, to make this game more alluring, the online casino sites an offer which is known as ‘slots bonus’.

Not every slots machines offer bonuses but there are a number of slots sites which are jubilant enough to offer exclusive bonus rounds for their loved players. Regular slots players regularly hunt down such sites which offer slots games with bonus rounds. Although most of the novice players normally miss the chance to reap the benefits of such bonus rounds, but for the advanced or intermediate players these rounds hold great significance as well as a chance to make it big without spending a single penny from their own pockets. In fact, the truth is that the bonus rounds come available after a certain stage or point level of the player. So until you reach it, you will be totally uninformed of it.

Now, let me explain a bit about what slots bonus round is. A bonus round is a special round that can be available in 3D slots, progressive slots and movie themed slots or in whatever types you play. You need to unlock this bonus round by doing something unusual. For example, you click some unique signs the bonus rounds may get unlocked. Some of the slots bonus rounds have really long duration and will stay there for you as long as you can manage them. Some of the bonus rounds get unlocked only if you follow some particular procedures.  These ways and techniques vary site-wise.

Our next point is how slots bonus rounds work or what they offer actually. Bonus rounds of ordinary online slots machines generally offer paylines or multipliers or free spins etc. Online 3D slots bonuses give you the chance to skip few steps. For example, normally, you can view only the next step. But the bonus round let you have a look at the end step. Once again that may vary with the site. In a nutshell, the bonus rounds give you something extra.

Now, as you know the basic details about slots bonuses, it’s time to learn how to earn these bonus rounds and how to turn them into magic wands.

  1. Increase your bankroll: Bankroll is required to unlock slots bonus rounds. So this time build up bankroll only to get through the bonus rounds. More bankroll ensures a more secured position for you when you are playing the special rounds
  2. Keep a part of your bankroll for the bonus rounds: Now, as you have an impressive bankroll, try to put aside some of it only for the bonus rounds. You cannot afford to lose all your bankroll for just playing out the bonus rounds. So with segregated bankroll, you can simultaneously play bonus rounds as well as continue your normal slots games.
  3. Find out the ways to unlock those rounds: Different slots games have different ways to unlock the bonus rounds. Bonus rounds with higher jackpot value or lucrative deals can be unlocked through ways which can actually shot migraine in your head. Hence before you jump for it and, eventually, lose your precious bankroll, give some time to research the techniques of different slots bonuses.
  4. Master the rounds when you have one: So you get a good grip on the tricks and techniques. Next, it’s time to master the techniques because there is a difference between learning ways and mastering the same. Learn which rounds are tough to unlock and which ones are easier. Grasp every nook and cranny; and think can apply some new strategies to make it faster?
  5. Asses their position in your priority list of life: Do you actually need to play these bonus rounds? Are they becoming an obsession? Do these slots bonus rounds come in between you and your life or family? Just for the sake of a game, you cannot ruin your life or relationships which are far more precious and invaluable.
  6. Alot special times for bonus rounds: You are confident that you are comfortable with bonus rounds and they are not creating hindrances in your life. Next, you need to understand that hunting down special bonus games is a time consuming job. Luckily, you may catch one within seconds. But that is not going to happen every time. So allot an hour or two for just searching for slots bonuses.

Sands Casino and Hotel, the Star of Las Vegas

The Sands Hotel, one of the famous iconic figures of Las Vegas, is a place of great prestige and glamour. Opened in the early 1950s, this hotel is considered to be a landmark of Las Vegas Strip. A work of Wayne McAllister, the famous architect who had some of the most iconic hotels and restaurants of Las Vegas or California in his wallet, Sands Hotel is a heaven for the casino lovers. Till date, this hotel has come in news headlines for hosting greatest entertainers as well as for appearing in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. Whether it’s the Ocean’s 11 or The Cooler or Con Air, the Sands Hotel has stood as an epitome of grandeur or luxury.


From the moment of its birth, the Sands hotel has attracted sharp media attention. To be precise, it is said that its historical birth happened in front of a huge media gathering who were more than delighted documenting this costly affair costing a $5 million. It started its maiden voyage with just a few hundred rooms or suites. From time to time this Las Vegas hotel is graced by great people like Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley.


In the year 1989, under the supervision of the man who would later be the CEO of Sands Corp, Mr. Sheldon Adelson, the Iconic Sands Hotel was established. It has the famous Copa Room which has witnessed a number of star performers like Danny Thomas whose debut performance was in this particular room. Its Garden Room restaurant was famous for its beautiful view to the outside pool and well-maintained grounds. Sands casino and hotel was marked by different low-rise bungalows, suites and buildings, but the most popular was the signature neon sign which read “A Place in the Sun”.


During 1955, Sands did something that made it stand apart in the crowd. It was a time when USA was split between black and white. It was the Stands which, for the very first time, opened its door for a black singer to perform as well as stay in. Nat King Cole was that black singer. The Sands casino and hotel was also well known for its association with Rat Pack who used to perform on a regular basis in the Copa Room.


Frank Sinatra played a vital role in bringing changes in the Sands hotel and casino as upon his insistence, the first steam room was installed in the Las Vegas hotel. He was also the man behind the revolutionary trend of allowing blacks to patronize the Sands and other casinos in Las Vegas which would have been otherwise impossible at that point of time. The success graph of the Sands casino and hotel has never seen much drop till then. Right now, the Sands Corps is proud to have around 9 hotels in USA, China and Singapore including The Venetian (1999), The Palazzo (2007), Sands Macao (2004), The Venetian Macao (2007), Four Seasons Hotel Macao (2008), Sands Cotai Central (2012), Sands Bethlehem (2009) and Marina Bay Sands (2010).

Understand the Different Sorts of Online Slots

In the beginning of slots history, people used to play with a much more primitive version of slots machine, the conventional 1 armed bandit with 3 reels. The typical features of that elementary slots machine were fruits symbols or hearts-diamonds or bells or 7′s and players used to be offered only a single line payout. The time has changed, so has the technology of slots machine. Right now, we are in the internet age; hence we enjoy the luxury of online slots. After a lot of evolution, we have now got different types of slots machine with different symbols and different payout structures.

Here we will understand the different sorts of online slots and their different features. Generally, there are 3 basic varieties of slots machines. Let’s learn more about them.

  1. Progressive Slots : If you are regular at online slots then you may have come across machines where the value of the payout increases every time the game is played. Normally, this progressive slots machine works with a wide network where a huge number of machines are chained together across different casinos. So the payouts jump in every second as multiple players are playing slots in different parts of the city. The jackpot meter shows the winning amount which can only be won by hitting the highest payoff combination i.e. the most valuable symbols. Thus, this progressive slots offers the highest payouts compared to other casino games. Noramally you will not be able to play Progessive Slots free slots no download no registration – due to the nature of the progressive jackpot these games are available in real play mode only.
  2. Bonus Slots : One of the most popular online slots played out by jackpot enthusiasts is bonus slots. Generally, a type of video slots, it allows the winner to play a bonus round. If you have the luck the winnings can be doubled or multiplied depending on the types of bonus round you are playing. You may find the bonus rounds are different from the normal slots as they deal with wild symbols. So you have the chance to win a bigger amount of money without giving out anything. That’s why this online slot machine is so popular among all.
  3. Classic Single Line Slots : Slots machine with one payline is known as Classic Single Line Slots. So the machine you have seen somewhere with three reels spinning different pictures, you are probably seeing a Single Line Slots machine. Being the most ancient version of slot machine, Single Line Machine features a less complex game-play. So one wager is for a single combination of winning symbols.
  4. Multi-line Slots : Some slots machines have the facility where a player can wager for every single line once which are known as multi-line slots. The highest pay lines in Multi Line Slots can go up to 25. This type of slots is not for the beginners as the player needs to understand breaking spin, pay lines etc. But once you get a grip on the nitty-gritty of multi line slots, you know you have a new addiction. And this is the reason why in land based as well as online casinos, Multi-line slots happen to be most favorite slots game.

Before you play any slots game for money you should make sure to try the game out in free play moder. Not all casinos will allow you to play for free without registering, so you should look at sites that give advice on where to find free slots no download no registration.

History of the Grand National

One of the most prestigious national events of United Kingdom, Grand National is the world’s greatest steeplechase held at the famous Aintree Racecourse near the North West city, Liverpool. This handicap national hunt horse race covers a distance of 7,242 meters and 30 jumping fences including the famous Becher’s Brook, Canal Turn and the Chair. It was 1839 when Aintree witnessed the first ever Grand National patronized by the horserace enthusiast owner of the Waterloo Hotel, William Lynn. He set up the course by taking over the Aintree ground in lease from the 2nd Earl of Sefton, William Molyneux. Although according to some local newspapers, the first ever Grand National horse race was not held in 1829, but in 1836. The Duke was the first winner horse of the first Great Steeplechase.

Grand National is probably the one and only horse race which is revered not only by regular followers, but common public too. Aintree received its first jump fixture during 1835. In the 1839′s Grand National, the horse named Lottery snatched the cap of winner and became the first ever winner. During that era, the hurdles were much lesser in number and much easier in nature. Like in the initial years, there were only a stone wall to jump, a distance of ploughed land and two hurdles to finish the race.

Grand Liverpool Steeplechase was the official name of this horse race. Till 1840, Mr. Edward William Topham used to hold a great seat of significance in the original syndicate organized by Lynn. But the physical bad health of Lynn took him away from Aintree, bringing a new enthusiast, Topham, in the race course. Tophan was duly credited for turning National into handicap as before it used to be considered as a ‘weight-for-age’ race. In 1848, Topham acquired the lease and turned into the Clerk of the Course. In 1949, his family purchased the total ground of Aintree from Lord Sefton.

But it was Mrs. Mirabel Topham, Tophams’ chairman who had successfully changed it in a modern horse race. A yesteryear actress, Mrs. Topham joined the board in 1934 and formed a new course naming after Lord Mildmay who was a reputed amateur jockey and a great patron of the Grand National. This new course of traditional hurdles and fences saw the light in 1953.

The year 1954 witnessed the inauguration of the motor-racing circuit circling the Grand National Track by Mrs. Topham. It was the proud host of one European Grand Prix as well as five British Grand Prix. From 1965, the Grand National faced a period of dilemma and uncertainty as the post-war period created impact over the ownership of the property.

Finally, in 1973, a property dealer Bill Davies purchased the racecourse ground of Aintree and promised to keep the flow going. Although, his words did not provide much to his enthusiasm resulting in the greatest ebb of 1975′s Grand National. Later in the same year, Landbrokes arrived in the scene by signing a deal with Davies and receiving the authority to manage Grand National. In spite of facing some serious trouble, Landbrokes continued to keep it going for 7 consecutive years. But that could not convince Davies and he was eager to sell the property of Aintree. The fate of Grand National faced the biggest threat.

The Grand National Appeal finally came into being and rescued the lost glory of this horse race. From that time onwards till date, Grand National has been experiencing new highs and giving the horserace enthusiasts reasons to smile.

Right now, the whole world is waiting for the next Grand National which is going to be held on and onwards 6 April 2013.

Do You Know About the Poker Kid, Daniel Negreanu?

They say morning shows the day, he proved it wrong. They say education can give you success, money, fame and fortune. He again proved it wrong. He was a school dropout, yet he is a
millionaire. His parents had to face criticism from his school teachers due to his non-compliance to school rules, now they are proud of being the parents of one of the most noted poker player
who is also the 2 times winner of World Poker Tour champion as well as winner of 4 World
Series of Poker bracelets. He is none other than Daniel Negreanu or the Poker Kid.

He might be a middle school dropout, but he envisioned his future when he was just a little boy of four. He aspired to become a rich, “build a house of Popsicle sticks, and move to California.” Born to Romanian parents Constantin and Annie in Toronto in 26 July, 1974; Daniel, during his teenage years, had developed a knack of playing snooker. By 16, he was totally engrossed in multiple activities which were then considered as ‘illegal’. Eventually, he became a school dropout due to the shortage of just few credits for graduation and took the road of casino from then on. This
dedication to poker earned him the nickname ‘poker kid’. Later on, understanding his obsession about poker, he shifted base to the gambling city, Las Vegas. Although the casino city, at first, did not welcome him with warmth, rather did exactly the opposite. After a tournament where he lost big bucks, Daniel returned to his hometown to build up his bankroll once again.

In the year 1997, Daniel started climbing his ladder of success by securing two 1st place ends at the Foxwoods World Poker Finals and from then on he never looked back till date. The current statistics shows he is the winner of three prestigious World Series of Poker bracelets, besides being the winner of more than 30 tournaments all around the world. What makes Daniel Negreanu distinct from others is his ability of outplaying his opponents. He rose to fame in 2004 when two more feathers were added to his cap – one for being named as the Card Player Player of the Year and the World Series of Poker Player of the Year.

Not only playing the tournament poker, Daniel has also tried his hands in different cash games like High Stakes Poker, Poker Stars Big Game; online poker as well as appearing in TV series. Currently, his net live tournament winning money is more than $16,100,000 and he is believed to the all-time biggest money winner.

A philanthropist by heart, this poker master has a feeling for the distressed people who are not blessed with a fortune like his. Hence he cherishes his will to help the crisis-stridden people by appearing in different charity events like “Ante Up for Africa”. Daniel Negreanu is also the proud author of a number of poker books like Hold’em Wisdom for All Players, Power Hold’em Strategy and More Hold’em Wisdom for All Players etc.

How to Increase the Payouts in Online Bingo?

Bingo is one of the popular gambling games which have been there for years with its ever-rising popularity graph. After the breakthrough of internet and its subsequential emergence of online gambling, bingo gained a new high. Now, the statistics show a whopping half million people are engaged in playing online bingo on a regular basis whereas the number of sites catering to this huge demand is over 300. Hence everybody is spoilt of choices. Moreover, it’s hard to resist the temptation of playing gambling inside your own cozy house without any need to go out and get into a bingo hall; therefore it’s a complete win-win situation for the bingo lovers.

Now, when someone is playing online bingo at home, he may not be spending any extra costs. But we cannot forget about the signing up or registration fees which can run your pockets. So the real fun is not in playing bingo online, but winning the online games. And without any doubt, that is possible only by increasing your payouts.

Here I am going to share with you few tricks and strategies which may help you increasing your online bingo payouts.

1. About crowd, less is more: Crowded or popular sites always attract us and we want to be a part of the crowd. But try not to join the crowd, rather than choose the less crowded sites. Now let me show you the reason. Popular sites give you less chance to win a game. But in the less known sites you can win multiple times and earn a lot of money.

2. Time matters: Normally, gambling enthusiasts gather in the bingo sites between 6pm at evening to 11 pm throughout the weekdays. During this time frame, competition is higher and the chance to win a game is lesser. So if you can arrange your time in the morning or before 6 pm then you can expect better payouts.

3. Do not ignore the offers and incentives: Most of the online bingo sites offer a first time offer to the newbie. These offers and incentives are most of the time ignored or underestimated. But you can make the most of these offers if planned and played consciously. Sometimes these offers are tripled times more than your deposit.

4. Do some math beforehand: We are often in the lookout for the number of players playing with us. This time get the information about how much cards are going to be played out. Now divide that number with the number of cards you have purchased. Then
check out the percentage. That is your chance of winning the game.

5. Do not miss free games: Nothing is better than winning a free online bingo game. So keep an eye on the free games and grab the chance of winning some small or big bucks.
Throughout the year some of the popular bingo sites give such free offers. Hence stay alert!

6. Weekend jackpots: Surveys show that big jackpots are kept aside for weekends
because those are won in the weekends. So why not resisting your urge to play online
bingo in the weekdays and hit a big jackpot in the weekend? It can be fun, no?

History of the World Series of Poker and Few Interesting Facts

For a poker lover nothing seems to be as exciting as the World Series of Poker that is the top poker tournament, where the best players from across the globe take part. Just like FIFA World Cup or Cricket World Cup, it is a tournament that attracts huge media attention and public craze. Organized and held in the famous casino city Las Vegas, WSOP calls for the final war of tricks
and tactics between the titans of the gambling world. A massive number of players across the world gather in this world tournament of poker to win a prestigious bracelet which only happens to the few fortunate poker experts every year.

When some of the new-age Americans perceive this WSOP as the next biggest American
dream, some are yet to find the reason behind such a media-hype. But despite of this debate over its value or popularity, this World Series of Poker has managed to make its way into the realm of elite club of world tournaments. Nowadays, it’s a dream for all the poker lovers to be a part of WSOP and snatching away the winner’s bracelet. Moreover, when a person wins the championship, he becomes a part of the poker history along with being the possessor of millions of dollars.

Although this new age World Series of Poker had seen the daylight recently in 2005, the original root dates back to 1970s when the famous casino owner Benny Binion set a tournament at the Horseshoe casino by inviting 7 the-then famous poker players. This ‘Texas Gambling Reunion’ would have later been called as the World Series of Poker. Johny Moss won the series of the Texas hold ‘em poker by defeating 6 other entrants and got the first prize of the first world poker tournament, a silver cup.

The last World Series of Poker held in 2012 eyed a tough tussle between 6,598 players of
which Greg Merson achieved the goal by winning the No Limit Hold‘em Main Event. The
prize amount was $8,531,853. Till date, the biggest crowd in the ground was seen in 2006 when around 9000 players participated in WSOP.

Here are few interesting facts about 2011 and 2012 World Series of Poker -

2011 Facts

Total players – 6865
Number of nations in main event – 85
Oldest player to enter main event – 91
First place prize money – $8.71m

2012 Facts

Total players – 6598
Number of nations in main event – 92

Oldest player to enter main event – 92
First place prize money – $8.52m
The number of chips when the Main event began – 197,940
Chips in play at the Final Tournament – 197,070,000
Hands to play down to Final Tournament – 500,000+
Prize pool at the Final Tournament – $27,247,840
Estimated weight of all the chips if piled together – 2.18 tons
Bracelets won by US players – 43
Bracelets won by Nevada players – 9
Amount won by Antonio Esfandiari in the Big One for Big Drop – $18,346,673
Women players won at 2012 WSOP – $4,200,895

Las Vegas, the City of Sinful Pleasure & Perpetual Indulgence

Las Vegas, the dream destination of probably every youngster, consistently holds its place in the list of top 10 travel destinations across world. The dusty desert basin and rocky landscape stands as the doorway to that seemingly Utopian land where people get the free license to commit a number of sinful acts. It’s a city that welcomes the whole world to come and enjoy a different life or nightlife, as you may put it. It’s a city that never sleeps, a city whose streets and corners always epitomize liveliness and celebration. And for those people who love luxury, this is a place to enjoy the best wine and dine experience as Las Vegas is home to the best swanky restaurants and lavish hotels. In case, if you still have not got the chance to be in Vegas then make sure to visit this vivacious city before you die.

People visit Las Vegas for varied reasons and playing casino games is probably the prime reason. After all, you cannot ignore the allure of those wheels of fortune and chips. And if you are an ardent 007 fan then it becomes harder. Dressed in the best Gucci or Prada suits you enter a hall of Caesars Palace or Monte Carlo and start playing roulette when the Vegas beauties come encircling you. It may sound like an impossible dream for many, but you can afford this tad bit of self-indulgence. Nobody is asking you to go to Vegas and stay there forever. But you should taste the life in Vegas at least once in a lifetime.

So if you get the chance to be in Vegas, you must not just waste the opportunity in playing
casinos and drinking free world class wine. There are a lot of things which you should not miss at any cost. Let’s find out what more you can expect from Las Vegas apart from the Strips, casinos, best wine and luxurious restaurants.

Here is the list of 5 attractions of Las Vegas –

1. Grand Canyon – World looks at this wonder of nature with awe. The Grand Canyon
with its vastness stands just a few hundred kilometers away from the “Sin City.” So if
you are in Vegas, visit this wonder of world and experience how nature makes you feel
humble in front of its larger than life attributes. So book a car and head straight to Grand
Canyon and enrich your travelling experience.

2. Venice in Vegas? – Yes, you heard me right. Vegas gives you the opportunity to visit
two places of interest in one city as it has its very own ‘The Venetian.’ This is a small
Venice inside Vegas with the same essence of that famous Italian city. The typical sight
of Venice, a Gondola sailing in the Grand Canal can be seen in miniature version while
you take a bite from your piece of special Vegas pizzazz. What else? The Venetian of
Bellagio also lets you enjoy the live performances or the nightclubs. So it’s a Vegan
Venetian package tour.

3. Red Rock Canyon – No, I am not partial about Canyons. It’s just that you cannot miss
this 2nd Canyon too during your stay at Vegas. This Red Rock Canyon stands tall as the

reminiscence of that inland sea which used to be there some 200 million years ago. This
place is just 16 km away from the Vegas. If you want to visit Red Rock Canyon then take
the Highway 159 to get the best view of this particular part of Mojave Desert. The rest of
the road is better to be strolled on foot.

4. The human parade – Take a walk down the Strip and you will feel as if someone has
just dropped you in the biggest human parade on earth. People from almost every corner
of the earth seem to have come together in this perpetual carnival in Las Vegas. The
difference of languages, cultures, dresses and lifestyles create the biggest human parade
on earth every night.

5. Lake Mead – Being in Las Vegas and not seeing the biggest man-made lake is a
crime. So don’t commit such a crime and be there in Lake Mead. You will find a lot of
recreational activities to do here like boating, fishing, waterskiing, swimming or just
sitting, sunbathing and absorbing the beauty of the Nevada desert from a distance.

Follow your heart and do whatever it wants you to do. Try your luck in casinos, dance your night out in the discos and live your life to the fullest when you are in Las Vegas.

What is The Psychology behind the Bonus Codes for Online Poker?

People often wonder why the online poker sites offer such amazing  bonuses for the beginners from their wallet. Right now, enter any poker site and you will receive a warm welcome from the site along with an enticing bonus offer. Not only bonuses, but the bonus codes are also there with all their tempting factors. So casinon goers ponder a lot over the behind-reason for which casino sites show such generosity. What can be the mystery behind this benevolence? Here we will explore the reason or psychology behind the bonus codes offered by online poker houses. The
deeper we will delve into this topic; more you will come to know the contingencies which the players must follow, the profit casino sites make out of it and such interesting issues about online poker bonus codes.

But before discover the psychology of such alluring bonus codes; we must understand why the codes are rolled out. It goes beyond doubt that offering bonus codes is a promotional strategy which tends to grab new players’ attention and eventually, make them stick to that site. But apart from this underlying marketing gimmick, there are other reasons too. These bonuses although seem to be a big expenditure on the part of the websites, in reality turn out as huge profit if executed properly. And this is the primary reason for which you see every next casino website rolls out some free bonus codes for all.

Now, there are different types of online poker bonuses like start-up bonus, no deposit bonus etc. In case you are a player and you are offered a code which is valid on your bankroll, you will definitely deposit more cash to get more benefits of the bonus codes. When it’s a start-up code, then after playing few hands and winning the bonus, the player will be automatically drawn to the website and will become a regular player. Both the cases yield intangible future benefit for the website. Hence this prudent decision actually fetches more profit to that particular website. So when you are thinking that you are making a lot of money or profit from the online casino bonuses, the casino site management actually stands at the victory point.

The next question you may ask is why only casino bonus codes and not anything else as
promotional plan! Here you need to analyze the psychology of the gamble enthusiasts or, rather, mere human beings. It’s all about inspiring or motivating them to play more. Now, it’s not possible for the sites to hand out real money to the new comers or players. People will just take the money and move out of the room. So the casinos use these bonuses as monetary motivation and make people stick to the website.

You may say that the bonuses can be offered in different ways also, which is true. But if you notice closely, you will see that common people perceive ‘free code’ as something really serious. If the bonuses are rolled out flat then may those fly out of our glance!